Virtual Health Assistant

Virtual Health Assistant

A leading Australian healthcare technology company with experience in health, data security, design and usability.

$VHA represents a web-based high quality video conferencing application for healthcare and medical advice. $VHA aims to provide healthcare services anywhere, anytime reducing the need for in-person doctor visits. $VHA makes it simple for users to access their medical records and treatment, providing them with charge of their own health.

$VHA being a blockchain based application comes with numerous rewards for both its users and token holders. $VHA aims to use its revenue for buy-back of tokens, donations to NGO’s, rewards to holders and for the development of token.

A leading Australian healthcare technology company with experience in health, data security, design and usability.
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Contract Audited By Cyberscope

Contract Surgeon Trynos (PINKSALE SAFU DEV)


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Virtual Health Assistance


Dr. Shruti Kedia

Tooth Dentist

7Years xperience
87%   69 Patient Store

Next Available
10:00 Am Tomarrow

Dr. Watamaniuk

Tooth Dentist

9 Years xperience
74%   78 Patient Store

Next Available
12:00 Am Tomarrow

Dr. Crownover

Tooth Dentist

5 Years xperience
59%   86 Patient Store

Next Available
11:00 Am Tomarrow

Dr. Balestra

Tooth Dentist

6 Years xperience
87%   69 Patient Store

Next Available
10:00 Am Tomarrow

Process of Work

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Phase 1

• Social media creation
• Building the websit
• Utility Development
• Contract deployment and testing
• Audit and kyc
• $VHA paper release
• Pre launch Marketing & AMA’s
• Giveaways & competitions
• Pinksale Fairlaunch

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Phase 2

• Token launch
• Release main utility
• Solid marketing push
• Articles on big websites
• Cg & cmc listing
• Add Various medical specialties
• Logo & socials updates on different websites
• First CEX listing
• Different locations billboards
• First donation
• Launch $vha insurance cards

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Phase 3

• Release $vha app
• Charities partnerships
• Big updates on the website
• Partnerships with many hospitals
• Release Online Chemist Store
• Certik audit
• Big marketing push and endorsements
• Trending on big sites

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Phase 4

• Tier 1 exchange listing
• Project Expansion
• Secret Utility reveal
• Contracting with different pharmacies
• Big donations to children hospitals
• More to be announced with big updates

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VHA will be locking up Crypto holdings in order to obtain  rewards and earn interest.  5% of VHA Tokens will be stacked. VHA provides a relatively safe, energy efficient way for users to make profit. 

Staking will be live on sphynx labs

VHA aims to improve the conversation between doctors and patients and put more information in the hands of the end users.

24/7 Access to Medical Services

You have instant access to thousands of doctors and specialists, 24/7, to support your physical and mental well-being.

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Consult with a Doctor online without leaving your house

We provide timely, efficient and high-quality care to members of our community. We deeply care for our patients and our empathetic approach and the quality of care we provide are what truly sets us apart. We celebrate the diversity of our talents and expertise to achieve as one great team. Our approach to industry and partnerships is collaborative, with a focus on leveraging strengths to drive better outcomes for our patients and doctors. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical, clinical and professional standards. We continue to raise the bar of excellence and take very seriously the responsibility bestowed upon us to care for patients.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is “To provide exceptional healthcare when and where it is needed”. We pride ourselves on clinical excellence and the delivery of exceptional service to patients. With services across the globe, we are constantly expanding our network and service delivery areas. We are also helping relieve pressure on hospitals, delivering sustainable cost savings for taxpayers and better outcomes for the community at large. We are committed to promoting health, well-being and disease prevention to all patients. We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with
dignity and respect.